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LP Suisse Group: A full auditorium in Civitavecchia, captivated by the debate on Culture and Tourism sponsored by LP Suisse Group. https://t.co/jJfdhgllZP


European equities

Investing in utilities: Italy preferred • Among European equities, CIO prefers Eurozone stocks, has a  neutral stance on Swiss equities and an underweight on the UK. In our sector strategy, we[...]


Investing in Switzerland

At a glance • Equities: Robust organic growth and an attractive dividend yield. We favor quality dividend payers and mid-cap companies. • Bonds: We favor corporate bonds from the lower investment grade[...]


LP Suisse Group: RT @factsuisse: Patricia Thomas, APAC's CEO, discusses Asia's opportunities at the Swiss-Asia Wealth Exchange in Zurich @hubbisnews https:…


LP Suisse Group: RT @factsuisse: Patricia Thomas, our Asia-Pacific CEO, will participate in the Swiss-Asia Wealth Exchange in Zurich tomorrow. https://t.co…


LP Suisse Group: LPSuisse present in the Monaco Yacht Show 2015. Supporting innovation in partnership with @EggzeroDesign #MYS2015 http://t.co/4VvQFMBWIv


Asia Pacific currencies

Impacts of China’s new reserve requirement on FX forwards The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) has imposed a new reserve requirement on banks for the sale of FX forward and option contracts to[...]


European economy

Spain: Growth to normalize amid election uncertainty Spanish GDP is growing at an annualized pace above 3% on stronger-than-expected domestic demand and tailwinds from cheap oil, a weak euro, declining interest rates, and[...]


European economy

ECB in wait and see mode The ECB downgraded its growth and inflation forecast for 2015, 2016, and 2017, stressing further downside risks to these projections. This reflects concerns about emerging markets[...]


Investing in Switzerland

Emerging markets are stalling Equities: The second-quarter earnings reporting season indicates solid performance. The negative impact from emerging markets is significant, but tolerable. We prefer quality dividend payers and mid-caps. Bonds: We recommend[...]


Swiss economy

Positive economic growth in the second quarter of 2015 Real Swiss GDP rose by 0.2% quarter-on-quarter in the second quarter of 2015. It was up by 1.2% year-on-year. Private consumption and equipment[...]


Commodity markets

Recalibrating after China’s curveball China’s shift in its foreign exchange regime will affect commodities in terms of a weaker yuan. But the currency impact should be less problematic than what the policy[...]


Emerging market currencies

When currencies start to float The CNY devaluation and low commodity prices have fueled uncertainty about the sustainability of several managed exchange rate regimes. In Kazakhstan and Vietnam, for instance,[...]


LP Suisse Group: RT @factlondon: Succession planning: $16 Trillion are expected to change hands in the next 3 decades. http://t.co/7BRonaNuio


Longer Term Investments

Emerging market infrastructure Rising urbanization and the continued expansion of megacities in emerging markets is driving growth in demand for infrastructure investment. Emerging markets are forecast to account for almost two thirds of[...]


European economy

European outlook: Cruising ahead The Eurozone recovery remains on track, given solid fundamentals. Despite third-quarter blips, we expect the recovery to strengthen thereafter and approach an annualized 2% q/q growth rate. Maximum economic[...]


Emerging market bonds

Asia bond monthly: Increasing macro headwinds; stay defensive Increasing macro headwinds: A combination of Asian currency volatility, lower commodity prices and a potential US interest rate hike will likely lead to volatile and[...]


European equities

Investing in Consumer Staples: Full valuation limits upside in the short term Within European equities, CIO prefers Eurozone equities, is neutral on Switzerland and is underweight on the UK. In our Eurozone[...]


European economy

Eurozone economy and Greek Memorandum on track The Eurozone recovery remains in place, with the economy growing 0.3% q/q and 1.2% y/y in the second quarter. Strong fundamentals mean that economic momentum has[...]


LP Suisse Group: Robo-Advisors in Wealth Management: disruptive innovation or just a push for lower fees? http://t.co/McObQe7EtC


Interest rates and bond markets

Outlook & strategy: Waiting for some improvement The rate curves in most developed markets have flattened over the past month. Longer-term rates have moved down, coincident with mixed data and weaker commodity prices,[...]


Global Risk Radar

Focus shifted to China and US Fed Investors have shifted their focus from Greece to the Chinese equity market and monetary policy in the US. We think that China’s equity market[...]


UK economy

UK: Base rates on hold for a little longer The MPC voted to keep interest rates on hold at its August meeting. However, dissenters have emerged. The QIR upwardly revised the[...]


LP Suisse Group: RT @factlondon: "UK has one of the lowest average ages for both millionaires and multimillionaires in the world" http://t.co/SQ1VFoHFvY


European economy

Leading indicators suggest French housing market will bottom We expect French house prices to stabilize over the short to medium term. Mortgage rates should remain very low, and an improved economic outlook and[...]


European economy

Italy: Political backdrop weakens as economy strengthens Recent poor performance in the regional elections has been followed by a drop in support for Matteo Renzi in the polls. Passing essential reform legislation[...]


LP Suisse Group: Philanthropic Roles Help Elevate Corporate CEO's on Most-Admired List. http://t.co/xXh03wOoIe


Investing in China

Policy support to stay despite signs of better growth Macro: China’s economic momentum rebounded in 2Q15, especially in June. We expect a modest sequential growth pickup in 3Q15, followed by a weakening toward[...]


LP Suisse Group: RT @factlondon: "HNW clients in Europe would like to have exposure to Asia" Fact Family Office Hong Kong Chief Executive. http://t.co/ShC…


LP Suisse Group: LP Suisse attended at NZZ. Larry Summers among other first line economists debated the future of global financial markets @nzz_konferenzen


LP Suisse Group: "The world’s wealthiest individuals are seen as the most attractive —and lucrative— target for tax rises" http://t.co/2o0Nfm3evh


LP Suisse Group: Women “twice as likely as men to say that charitable giving is the most satisfying part of having wealth.” http://t.co/vB8fpBVZf8


LP Suisse Group: Do you want to know more about LP Suisse Group? Meet us at the European Pension & Investments Summit @MontreuxPalace @meSummitsInvest


LP Suisse Group: Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore, Family Office hotspots for Asia. #INSEADKnowledge http://t.co/pqmbBUWOYH


LP Suisse Group: More can be done to fight poverty by starting companies rather than "being a Santa Claus." http://t.co/5mWhSlj1az


LP Suisse Group: Modern day patrons who set artists free. http://t.co/RINcUgNJbj #philanthropy


LP Suisse Group: Challenges Millennials face in building net worth. http://t.co/JtAt8Fr0UE


LP Suisse Group: “A family office should be looking at everything through the lens of risk management" Eugene Lipitz http://t.co/OQ3zYFBJ6p


LP Suisse Group: How to preserving family wealth with Heritage Design http://t.co/zS7No5x0Th


LP Suisse Group: Giving Back: virtually all (98.4%) HNW households donated to charity last year. http://t.co/sjlakG0CtE #philanthropy #HNW


LP Suisse Group: Philanthropic interests of new a generation are shaping the family office industry #FamilyOffice #Philanthropy http://t.co/KWjkXsUtSc


LP Suisse Group: “We feel strongly about responsible investing" Hasan Al Jabri on Sharia funds. http://t.co/zPCFjOrKZM


LP Suisse Group: Danilo Larini, LP Suisse Group’s Founder, currently speaking in Doha's opening event @FSDoha #Doha #GatewaytoSwitzerland #FamilyOffice


LP Suisse Group: Preparing for the Group’s launch event tomorrow @FSDoha #Doha #GatewaytoSwitzerland #FamilyOffice


LP Suisse Group: Sharia Investment, a different type of socially responsible investment. http://t.co/7PDzfJXQEz #FamilyOffice #GatewaytoSwitzerland


LP Suisse Group: LP Suisse Group is expanding. We are the first Swiss Family Office licensed in Qatar. #Doha #GatewaytoSwitzerland #FamilyOffice