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Group Companies

LP Suisse Capital Management AG
LP Suisse Capital Management is the capital and asset management solution provider of the group. Operating since 2007 with headquarters in Switzerland, the company offers boutique style private and personal banking and advisory, covering a range of specialised areas that span from tax planning to private equity funds.

The seamless integration with other companies in the group make possible a comprehensive range of service without sacrificing the boutique-style highly personalised involvement.

Sound strategy starts with having the right goal

Michael Porter

Cerberus, with headquarters in Zug, offers a sophisticated range of real estate and private equity investor services.

The investment solutions the company offers range from hedge funds to special purpose vehicles and real estate investment trusts. The firm preserves and protects assets for public and corporate pension funds, academic, cultural and charitable organisations.

A full spectrum of advisory services is also offered, with transaction execution capability specialised areas including acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, divestitures, takeover defense and restructuring-reorganisation activities; all guided by the Group’s core values: accountability and unbiased perspective.

- Advisory
- Alternative Investments
- Hedge Funds
- Private Equity
- Real Estate

Fact Family Office

Fact Family Office offers a broad range of services comprising tax planning, asset allocation and management, cross-generational succession planning, philanthropy and many other ancillary services, integrated and fully consolidated through LP Suisse Group.

The company’s understanding of each client act as a compass that guides and defines a completely bespoke range of activities and services that will evolve over time to keep close alignment with every goal and need, unique as these might be.

Fact standards are to deliver above expectations. A discreet size and a passionate multi-disciplinary team ensure deliverance beyond what private banks or asset managers can: unrivalled responsiveness and ductility, and a concierge-like experience.

Fact is much more than a Multi-Family Office: under the umbrella of LP Suisse Group, the firm offers an extended range of organically integrated wealth management services

The Crossroads
The Crossroads is the Group’s research think-tank, offering opinion, analysis and thought leadership pieces focused on the state of the Wealth Management industry and markets broadly.

This branch of the group also coordinates events globally, including LP Suisse Group’s flagship events: the Workshop Series, which bring together globally renowned economists, lawyers and academics.

Crossroads publications are a source of deep, unbiased analysis, available globally online and in printed format, translated to local languages in all regions.

Crossroads is a gathering point for ideas, analysis and opportunities encompassing finance, economics and its growth